Love @ Lola!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a lot of fun this week with the kids @ Lola doing LOVE related things! Here are some ideas you might like to do with your children today…

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate:

We were inspired by Martha’s Stewart’s fantastic heart shaped brownies, and got baking over the weekend! This is certainly one of the best brownie recipes out there!

We then used the left over brownie pieces, and some chocolate creamy frosting (recipe from William Sonoma Kid’s Cookbook) to mix together some easy truffles which we then rolled into coconut, chocolate chips and hundred and thousands…

We then made some really easy chocolate heart shaped cookies that we strung onto a necklace.

For this we used: 1 packet of margarine, 1 packet of icing sugar, 3 cups of flour, 1 packet of cocoa, and some milk to soften a bit.

The kids mixed it all together with their hands…kind of like edible play dough! And then cut the dough into various sized heart shapes, into which we put a hole with a straw, and then popped them into the oven for about 20 minutes.

Look at this beautiful dainty heart cookie bracelet on Foodpluswords! So pretty!

 Cards galore:

This was so much fun with the Toddlers! We used HANDPRINTS for everything…check it out! Messy but fun and easy last minute cards to do at home for loved ones…

With the older kids we cut out heart shapes from fabric and left them to their own devices with glitter, glue, sequins, hearts and paint!

Heart Shaped gifts:

We were inspired by the fantastic book by Todd Oldham, Kids Made Modern, to make some fun recycled necklaces out of pasta, foil, ribbon and some plastic heart Christmas tree decorations that we filled with sweets!

First we filled the plastic hearts with Smarties, closed them up tightly (with a bit of shiny tape), and then colored them in permanent markers (red, pinks, purples…). We strung this onto the middle of a pink ribbon.

On each side of the heart the children threaded on Rigatoni pasta pieces which they had tightly wrapped in foil paper (with some glue to make it extra strong).

Finally, check out Isabel this morning giving her dad his (very minimal) “Vaventin” card!!

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