Home made Houses

We were very architectural last week @ Lola…Being inspired by the modern quirky architecture of Gaudi and Hadid, the story like apartment buildings in Amsterdam, and the old “Yalis” lining the shores of the Bosphorous, we built and stuck and cut and painted homes, streets, towns and even a hotel!

Check out what we did, and I hope it inspires you to collect some rubbish and pick up a paintbrush at home, and create your very own wild cities..!

Kinderart Mosaic "My house"

History of Art Japanese Cut Out houses

Gaudi inspired History of Art Mosaic building

Crayon resist paper collage Amsterdam houses

Stained glass cut out windows on History of Art Amsterdam buildings

Our “piece de resistance” was a fantastic group work that all the kids @ Lola last week joined in for, from the 18 month olds, to the 12 year olds! We tried to recreate a huge Bosphorous scene, the older kids creating the big “Yalis” lining the waterfront, in watercolor, pastels, cutting out windows, sticking on curtains…The younger children created the famous “erguvan” trees that start to come out in Istanbul in Spring, by sticking tissue paper onto green trees…The in the middle children collaged on the water itself, with all kinds of blue and green papers, tissues and fabrics, and painted the cloudy sky and prickly grass…

We also did some actual building..! Check out our Toddlers’ recycled painted houses (we still need to “decorate” these with curtains, carpets, wallpaper and so on…For these we used a LOT of glue gun, masking tape and then glue mixed in with the paint to make them really sturdy.

The older kids put together this cardboard dolls house, which they then proceeded to decorate in the most kitsch way possible, and convert into a “HOTEL”! Check out the old wallpaper swatches on the inside walls, and leopard print carpet, and lime green ‘shower curtain’ curtains..?! Wow, wouldn’t you just like to stay in that hotel for a night!?

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