Wow Lola Library!

I had mentioned in an older post that we were starting a Children’s Lending Library @ Lola…It all started as a small seed of an idea, and then in September we started collecting old books and receiving donations for new books…20 become 200, 200 books became 400…20 lending kids turned into 50….Suddenly January came around and we realized that we had 150 children borrowing from the Lola Library!! And although we now had around 1200 books (!!!!), each kid borrowing 2 books every 2 weeks meant that we needed some more!

A week ago on Sunday we decided to have a Library Day @ Lola…the wonderful Alan would come with his guitar, read a book to the children, sing, puppets…There would be some book related art activities, snacks…To attend you needed to bring 2 books along…Deniz and I were not expecting much, thought it might be a nice time to have a chat and a cup of coffee, catch up with Alan…


Cars double parked, the neighbors staring on in shock, people just kept on coming in…! And this says some things:

1. Clearly it was a good idea to open the Library…We are so surprised, glad and honored that so many people are able to use it…

2. Thank you so much Alan for being such a crowd puller!

3. Thank you to EVERYBODY for all your support…If it wasn’t for you turning up and supporting this Library, it would not have happened….

To many more books, members and Library days ahead of us!

One comment

  1. WOW!! Looks fantastic! So sad we weren’t there too! But so happy it is going so well! It is such a great idea and so wonderful that so many children are involved. The set up looks so cute too!

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